Meglia Canari Cvr Big
Noted Argentinian/Spanish artist Carlos Meglia died last night of what is being reported as (well, if Twitter and Facebook are reporting) complications from an aortic stroke. Meglia co-created such foreign-language strips as IRISH COFFEE and CANARI, and in the US worked on such series as STAR WARS, SPYBOY and ELEKTRA. As an animator, he worked on CYBERSIX, as well. He was 50.


  1. Carlos was one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met.

    He was a visionary and I’m honored to have had the chance to work with him.

    My thoughts are with his friends and family.

    I’ll miss him.

  2. He created Cybersix, from where the cartoon was based, along with Carlos Trillo as writer. It’s a sad day. From what I read, he was doing fine yesterday after the operation :(

  3. I’m sorry, but the post…in spanish.
    Escribí algo en el Portalcomic.
    Lo dejo acá también

    Otra vez la sensación de mierda esta.
    Algunas personas no deberían morirse.
    Ok, no lo hacen, en su obra están vivos por siempre.
    Pero me refiero a su presencia física, me refiero a su halo mágico, ese que
    los acompaña y nos embelesa, esa cosa que tienen muchos cuando dibujan, o
    cuando escriben, o cuando hacen música, o cuando pintan cuadros.
    Sé que es imposible y sé que las cosas son de un modo, porque así son desde
    el inicio de la vida.
    Pero algunos deberían tener un salvoconducto, un cheque abierto.
    Una mierda, es horrible, feo, que este 2008 esté tan encarnizado con nuestro
    fandom, nuestro palo.
    Quedarán en el recuerdo colectivo sus actitudes generosas, su cahrla
    distendida en el hostel de Rosario durante el desayuno, su agradecimiento
    por ser elegido Jurado de los Destacados 2006 de Alija, su sonrisa amable,
    sus gestos cuando en la muestra 50/30 nos enseñaba un fondo de mar,
    bello….hermoso, como si el mar estuviera ahí, rugiendo.
    Una mierda la muerte tan temprana.
    Una tristeza profunda, inexplicable y a la vez….natural.
    Un bajón.

  4. heidi,

    one of the books he worked on in the US was SPYBOY (dark horse), not spybot.
    he co-created and drew the comic series CYBER 6 that was the basis for the animated show. i don’t believe he was an animator on the show.
    meglia was supremely talented, and he will be missed.

  5. heidi,

    one of the books he worked on in the US was SPYBOY (dark horse), not spybot.
    he co-created and drew the comic series CYBER 6 that was the basis for the animated show. i don’t believe he was an animator on the show.
    meglia was supremely talented, and he will be missed.

  6. I am truly saddened by this news.
    There was such a vitality in his comic work – it almost appeared to be more animation than illustration. His Superman work was some of my favorite rendering of the Man of Steel, and Canari was just breathtaking.
    Far too young…

  7. One of the things that’s most vexed me over CyberSix is the fact that the original comics have yet to be translated for anglophones. I’d heard something about legal entanglements which kept the series from continuing past 1999 back when TeleToon was broadcasting the cartoon series, but I’ve never been entirely clear what the situation was/is.

  8. I met Carlos, his wife and son when in San Sabastian, Spain with Arthur Suydam in 2005 for a film festival. He was a wonderful, talented man. My thoughts are with him and his family. My final thoughts will always be of him dancing across the square of San Sebastian, backlighted by a full and vibrant moon. A wonderful sight, and something we have often spoke of since, with no indication that he’d leave us so soon. God Speed Carlos. –Renee

  9. The Guy could draw….so beautifully. There are many who have copied his work but he remained just exceptional.
    He will be missed.


  10. This is the most crushing news I’ve heard in a long, long time. We worked on two books together, of which I am most proud, particularly because of how beautiful they were. His unique vision made both STAR WARS and SUPERMAN almost brand new again. Although we only met twice, and he didn’t speak any English, he was the most wonderful person, with the brightest, friendliest smile. You could just see in his eyes that the world he lived in was as vibrant as the way he drew it. He dreamed like a child, and painted like a master.

    He will be dearly, dearly, dearly missed.

  11. One of my favorite artists, and a huge influence on my art. I really think he was one of the most underrated people working in the industry. Very sad, my heart goes out to his friends and family. He will be missed.

  12. Damn. Quite sad. I’ve been meaning to track down Carlos Meglia’s art for a while to little luck. I first heard about him from Cyber Six and hearing that he was a influence to Humberto Ramos. Got his Superman Tarzan book and more recently a Star Wars one. I’d love to see his Cyber Six comic as well as other native works in the US.

  13. He was a Great artist ! A great influence ! I just began collecting his work, and now now he’s gone ! Life isn’t fair ! He will be missed : (

  14. He was one of my favorite artists. It was very difficult to track down his work (from here in the US) but always worth it. He will be missed!

  15. He was a very great artist and had been a big influence on my work. I have been following his work since the first time I laid my eyes on one of his sketches. It is very sad to hear this loss. my deepest respect to the meglia family. thanks again for all the great stuff!

  16. He was my favourite author although I only read his Starwars book. I loved his stilisation and characterisation. I live in Serbia and here it is almost impossible to find his work and very few people know about him, but he will be missed here too. Thank you ever so much Carlos Meglia. You will live forever