But speaking of free sampling, Rick Veitch reports that a new edition of his seminal BRAT PACK is coming out very soon, and the first 32 pages are available for download right now:

Some good news: even though most comics are looking at a 20% price increase, KING HELL has held the line. This edition of BRAT PACK, even with the nice paper and top-notch printing I’ve lined up, will cost the same as the last edition: 176 pages for $19.95. Some other good news: you can get a FREE 7.2 MEG PDF DOWNLOAD of the first 32 page chapter right here. Pass the word to anyone you know who might enjoy my distinctive brand of superhero horror!

The download is available here, and we urge you to take a gander, or, to quote ourselves:

For those not familiar with it, BRAT PACK completes the troika of immortal works dissecting the superhero genre, with the other two being DARK KNIGHT and WATCHMEN. Indeed, for those brave readers looking for a follow-up to WATCHMEN, BRAT PACK could be just the thing. We were flipping through a copy the other day, and it’s just as disturbing and horrific as it ever was.

–a comment we stand by. Those who enjoy the dystopian superheroics of WATCHMEN should move right on to BRAT PACK.