200810070250Some good news from Rick Veitch: he’s collecting BRAT PACK in a remastered edition:

When the fifth printing of my BRAT PACK tpb sold out a few months back, I promised I’d have big news about the next edition and here it is! King Hell Press will release INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH BRAT PACK, a 300+ page limited hardcover collection of all things Slumbergian, in Spring of 2009. The book will include the completely remastered original graphic novel (I’ve been able to rescan all the original art thanks to good guy art dealer Albert Moy), all the various color covers, over fifty pages of sketches, unused pages and promotional art along with the never before seen original proposal that I presented DC Comics with back in 1998. On top of that I’ll be writing a behind the scenes history of Tundra, King Hell and the whole furshlugginer comics scene circa 1991 when BRAT PACK became the #1 best selling independent comic and was nominated for an Eisner Award as best new series. And as icing on the cake, Steve Bissette has written an enlightening historical and cultural appreciation of the sidekick phenomena in comics and film titled TEEN ANGELS.

For those not familiar with it, BRAT PACK completes the troika of immortal works dissecting the superhero genre, with the other two being DARK KNIGHT and WATCHMEN. Indeed, for those brave readers looking for a follow-up to WATCHMEN, BRAT PACK could be just the thing. We were flipping through a copy the other day, and it’s just as disturbing and horrific as it ever was. Now, if only we could get a COLOR reprint.


  1. I’ve been able to rescan all the original art thanks to good guy art dealer Albert Moy


    Bravo Albert Moy, for helping get Brat Pack back in print. AM has always shown respect of those who deserve it.

  2. Why?! Why must a super deluxe jam-packed absolute gold-inlay hardcover collectors edition always get released a month after I buy the regular Joe Six-Pack hockey mom edition? Sigh.

    *scrounges in couch cushions for change*

  3. I know I shouldn’t say this,…but, I’m gonna’.
    It’s been a long time since I read this series,…at the time it was being released as individual pamphlets,…and from what I recall,…I just don’t understand the continuing interest in, either, Maximortal or Brat Pack.
    I found them to be dark, ugly and depressing. A lurid, gimmicky, novelty number. What’s the phrase? “Without redeeming social value.” Yeah,…that’s the one.
    It has surprised me every time I have seen new incarnations pop up in comics shops.
    The fact that there could be a market for a deluxe edition of either has me flummoxed.
    There’s a lot of chatter on this site lately about sub par and mediocre work being given the same kind of attention as the higher quality stuff for whatever reasons and I believe that this is one of those lesser works.

  4. Steve:

    I think many other reaersm such as myself, found a powerful subtect in THE HEROICA. It’s the farthest thing from subpar or mediocre as I could imagine, to be honest.

  5. Oh.
    I wasn’t aware that he had released a larger compilation entitled, “The Heroica”. (Thank you Google.)
    As I said, my experience was with the original comics as they came out individually.
    It’s sort of like the film “Natural Born Killers”,…there may have been some wonderful things inside the package, but, for me, the package itself was so off putting. I’m not beyond giving something a second shot, however.

  6. Veitch’s follow-up to Brat Pack, The Maximortal, was far better in terms of artwork and execution. It’s a much weirder, wilder work…a crazy, psychedelic détournement of the entire concept and history of Superman. Veitch hasn’t published any new follow-up material to it in years, which is kind of discouraging.