Crawlspace01Okay, we admit, we’re a sucker for anything with the words “carl space” in the title. A new Image book:

Rick Remender and Kieron Dwyer return to the genre they helped reinvent with their all-new, full color ongoing horror series, CRAWL SPACE.

“CRAWL SPACE is a series of horror stories Kieron and I have been cooking up for years. Like an expanded Tales From the Crypt where each tale is given many issues to develop — it’s not an anthology,” explains Remender, the series’ writer. “Since completing SEA OF RED, Kieron and I have been cooking up new horror stories together and over the next few years, they’ll all be wedged out of the CRAWL SPACE and into the horrible light of day.”

CRAWL SPACE’s first arc, the four-issue “XXXombies,” promises to be the last word in the zombiesploitation with its twisted tale of sex stars, cannibalism and the ’70s. Our story’s focus is a sleazy producer who has gathered a bevy of adult stars for a weekend film shoot. When they emerge, they discover a zombie plague has overrun a now-quarantied Los Angeles. The results are unlike any previous tale of the undead, especially with Rick and Kieron’s special guest collaborator – Tony Moore, the original artist of THE WALKING DEAD.

“Tony, Rick and I have been talking about doing an end-all zombie tale together for years. To do it exactly how we think it should be done before walking away from the genre for good,” adds Dwyer, who helped resurrect the zombie craze with his miniseries, REMAINS. “Tony’s cover work is absolutely disgusting. It’s perfect.”

Moore is along to co-plot as well as contribute covers to the arc. Future stories will also be done by the Remender/Dwyer team, but who knows who else we’ll find lurking in the CRAWL SPACE?

CRAWL SPACE #1 (AUG071979) is in stores October 24th with a cover price of $2.99. In addition, Rick Remender will be at the San Diego Comic Con signing 100 limited edition XXXOMBIES movie posters at the Image Comics Booth (#2729) on Saturday between 2-3 PM.