The Beat is a proud sponsor of Comix Experience’s Graphic Novel of the Month Clubs, which bring comics fans a curated mix of the best of new release graphic novels and conversations with the creators who make them.  Each month, the staff of Comix Experience votes on two sets of upcoming books they are most excited—one gets presented to adults and another to middle readers. Each club provides schwag like original signed custom bookplates for adults or buttons and magnets for the kids (in this case, the latter, to support the featured book Radio Delley!).
Most excitingly, the Graphic Novel Clubs bring in the creators of selected books to talk exclusively to GNC members in interviews conducted by Comix Experience owner Brian Hibbs, who brings thirty years of experience in comics to the table. These talks are livestreamed to members all over the country and are a fun and informative mix of conversation on craft and form, as well as on the business of making comics.  The Graphic Novel Clubs make a point of being inclusive, inviting creators from a wide variety of age, race, sex, and cultural perspectives to speak to members.
Membership is what propels these conversations, so if you like what you see, please support these discussions of comics, and the creators who make them, by joining the club.
This week: Radio Delley creators Alex Martinez & Xavier Bonet may not be from America, but they certainly understand the summertime malaise of childhood. In their new graphic novel, published by IDW, we follow Jeremy, Stella, and Sam, three kids who live in the American Midwest and ache for adventures and mystery– things that their town doesn’t tend to supply in abundance. That all changes, however, when Jeremy finds an old radio that connects the trio to a girl who needs their help. Watch as Tilting at the Windmills legend Brian Hibbs discusses this lovely childrens’ comic with Martinez and Bonet.