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§ DC bought a mock-up, on different paper stock from the finished product, of the eagerly awaited WEDNESDAY COMICS #1. DC wants fans and retailers to be aware of the size of the project, and here you can see it relative to the size of a VP of sales — it is quite large. We were allowed to look through the mock-up and this is an amazingly lovingly assembled project, with an attention to detail in addition to the stellar lineup of talent — some we’d never even heard of before. Editor Mark Chiarello has truly outdone himself. WEDNESDAY COMICS #1 goes on sale July 8.

The big question….will there be a collected “Chiarello’s Ergot” edition? DC’s Bob Wayne would only say that any reprint is being very carefully considered.

§ Former Wizard staffer Steve Hoveke getting barred from the show on Saturday. Hoveke, who is also a former bouncer, was selling sketchbooks for Walt Simonson and Howard Chaykin all day Friday before being told he wasn’t allowed to enter on the second day of the con. Hoveke is also working for the Long Beach Comic-Con, which, despite its regional non-competition, is seen by some as a rival show to Wizard because organizers include many former Wizard staffers. Hoveke mentioned this theory on his Twitter feed, but said he wasn’t working for LBCC at the show. It was a strange incident for a strange show but we’ll have more on that after some French Toast.


  1. Can’t wait for Wednesday Comics! celebrating my birthday that week, and will get that and the Moore Superman and Gaiman Batman hardcovers.

    Gonna read WC during the morning commute, make the Journal readers jealous!

  2. People keep talking about waiting for the trade of Wednesday Comics. I don’t think many of them have realized that it’s essentially the size of a newspaper. Maybe this will drive the point home before week one hits.

    May I also say, I’m looking forward to attending Long Beach Comic-Con in October just a bit more than I was yesterday.

  3. I’m waiting for the trade of Wednesday comics, and if there is no trade, I’m not going to read it. One page, serial stories do not sound enjoyable to me. I’m not going to buy this each week, save it somewhere, and read it after it’s all over. That’s what a trade is for. If it never gets collected, oh well, my loss….

    Personally, I’m *much* more excited for the Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror floppy with all the Kramers Ergot talent. That’s something I’ll make an exception for and hold on to for a while.

  4. Poop. I was only about five feet away from you when this picture was taken (in the cluster of people around Dan DiDio having a sort of impromptu “after-panel panel”).

  5. I was surprised two years ago when Image and DH weren’t set up at WW Philly. I was less surprised when Marvel and DC weren’t set up there either. Dynamite, Avatar, and Aspen pretty much covered things.

    I heard many complaints from people about where Walt Simonson was, saying they couldn’t find him, so I guess the situation with Hoveke might explain some of that.

    Friday was dead, Saturday was bussled and damp, but not blowing the doors off for sure. Couldn’t stick around for Sunday, but there wasn’t any energy or excitement leading up to that point.

    I’ll be surprised if this show happens next year.

  6. i’m not really a fan of DC Comic’s stuff in general, but i am a fan of of the golden age of the sunday funnies

    will Wednesday Comics appeal to me?

  7. I’ve been reading serialized Sunday comics ever since Fearless Fosdick retired. I’ve been reading serialized comics since Spider-Man got his new costume. While I normally don’t buy the Sunday paper, I will buy this, partly because of the novelty, partly because of the incredible talent.

    Heh… would be funny if someone reformatted Wednesday Comics ala Action Comics #1!

  8. Wait! They expect the comic shops to order something that’s a different size? Don’t they know comic shop owners fear and shun anything different.

  9. I love the size of it and am looking forward to lying on the floor with the funny pages spread out in front of me. Possibly I will be wearing hair ribbons or those nunchuck ponytail holders with the big balls on them. Anyway, it will be a welcome read after spending a week trying to figure out just how small we have to shrink a French BD to get any US shelf space.

  10. You know, I’ve been doing comic conventions – Wizard shows & many others – for almost 14 years now. I was @ Philly this past weekend. That business w/ the former staffer being barred from the show…*headshake* Really? C’mon…really?

    Have I perhaps never left high school? I’m in a time warp, that must be it.