Just preparing for the Ignatz awards in our room, but today looked to be a boffo day for the SPX, with a LINE of people as the show opened at 11 and reports of brisk sales from the jammed hallways.

Last night’s party at Atomic Books in Baltimore was also a blast from reports, and the Nerdlinger Awards were handed out in what we’re sure was a dignified and stentorian manner. And here’s the list of winners:

Kate Beaton – The Dangerous Minds Award for Bringing History Back To the Streets
Justin J Fox -The Significancy Award for Significant Significance
Jeff Lok – Single Best Sentence in A Short Form Comic, or The “I Just Shot The Fucking Sun” Award
Maris Wicks – Random Informative Facts About Invertebrates & Best All-Around Coffee Shop Drawing Session Chatter.
Alec Longstreth – Most Missed Cartoonist
Alex Bullet and Andrew Greenstone – The Maypole Celebration Award for Editing an Anthology that Reached Positive-Numbered Issues
Tim Piotrowski – Best Heart-Wrenching Journey of Self-discovery of a Sugary Drink
Dada Detective’s team of Dave, Matt and Stephanie – Most Outspoken Mime Character
Laura Park – The Warmest Drawings In Comics
Kevin McShane Best Rationalization For Retaining A Ridiculously Counter-Intuitive Comic Title
Dustin Harbin – Greatest Gentleman/Greatest Smile in Indie Comics
Sarah Oleksyk – Teenager Comic Character of The Year
Jamie Tanner – Style Award for Making Comics Look Good
Dylan Williams – MCA Award for Making Comics Awesome
Miss Lasko-Gross – Third Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence

That’s all for now…more after the Ignatz / Karaoke Extravaganza.


  1. I just posted some pix of the Atomic Books “SPXplosion”, including the Nerdlinger awards presentation, on the SPX’s Facebook page.