Over at the new SEQUENTIAL TART, Mike Carey talks about working with daughter Louise, , and explains more about the MINX launch.

ST: What’s it like, working with your daughter?

MC: Bumpy, occasionally bruising, but wonderful. The proof of which is that we’re coming round for another pass. We’re working up a number of pitches for MINX and elsewhere. We’re even talking about maybe writing a novel together, which I suspect in some ways would actually be easier than co-writing a comic book.

Meanwhile, Eye on Comics wonders if Marvel has pulled a bait-and-switch with The Stephen King comic by examining press releases, never a very smart thing to do.

The release is carefully worded to indicate King will helm the project as writer, but there were subtle hints even back then that it wouldn’t be the case. Note that King’s quote has him “excited to be a part” of his character’s new incarnation. Nevertheless, the original announcement does lead people astray is in its representation of King’s active participation in the creative process. Quesada’s claim that King is “joining” Marvel is designed to give that impression. Of course, we’ve learned different since then.