§ Well it looks like Neal Adams is going to be the D.W. Griffith of motion comics!:

“This is the next step, because this is a new art form,” Neal adds. “It’s never existed before. What you have is comic books and animation. Animation is Bruce Timm interpreting everybody else’s work, and all very nice and semi-complimentary, and not exactly royalty-filled-with. It’s good, but it’s animation: 500 Czech artists tracing animation from some other artist. It’s fine, but it’s not the comic books. This is the comic books. This is taking the work of the artists and words of the writer, verbatim. The thing about Whedon is that [he] is used to doing copy, so he knows how many words need to be dealt with, and he does good personality stuff.

“So, you have vocalizing of the writer’s words, and the artwork being animated by the most modern technology available by computers. The technology, as little as a year ago, is half of what it is today. It’s moving very, very fast.

We liked it when it was just…comics.

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  1. This is scary stuff. When the modern technology available by computers learns how many words need to be dealt with, it won’t just be the czech animators who are out of a job!

  2. Well it looks like Neal Adams is going to be the D.W. Griffith of motion comics!:

    This is like saying Neal Adams is going to be the William Shakespeare of taking a dump on your front porch. Come on. Motion comics are awful. Intrinsically. There is no point in their existence.

  3. I’m interested in comments from people who have enjoyed motion comics on their merits — specifically, why they find them enjoyable. What makes the absence of character animation in sync with their speech tolerable?


  4. Motion comics recall those dreadful semi-animated cartoons based on Marvel Comics characters during the 1960’s. Higher production values, same cheesy effect. Doesn’t Adams have a Hollow Earth theory he could be pimping?