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You know, not very much IS happening today. Guess everyone is tuckered out from Free Comic Book Day. Check out an except from Lynda Barry’s free comic here. Tom has a link round-up here. And if you’re looking for the epic Harlan/Gary/Shannon thread, it’s here.

Meanwhile some other stuff:

Your Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man enjoys Free Comic Book Day
LOST has 48 more episodes.
French Manga-hating politico is defeated.


  1. I went to the crappiest Free Comic Book Day ever. The Free Comic Book authorities should not let big chain stores participate. I was home in Pittsburg Kansas for a wedding and we don’t have a comic book shop in my hometown, but the FCBD website listed “Hastings” as participating. Hastings is a chain that carrries books, DVDs, movies and videogames. When I went into the store I saw signs for the day but I could not find the books. I finally asked, and they had them behind the registers off where no one would ever seen them until they had decided they were done browsing and ready to leave.
    After they told me where to find the books, they immediately said, “There’s a limit of two.”
    Wow. Way to kick off the spirit of openness and welcome that FCBD is meant to engender, folks. Awesome.
    I already felt icky at that point. I didn’t even want to take one, let alone two. I don’t know what they were worried about, anyway. With the spot they had them hidden in no one would ever find them unless they begged people to take them.
    so I picked up the Wolfman #1 issue, because it’s not like they’d be cool enough to carry Ad House’s free book or anything.

  2. When I was at the Midnight signing at Hanley’s, I discovered that they had ordered every title. So, for a $50 donation to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (to help in their FCBD court case) they pulled one copy of each title.
    They also had a signing at Noon, and they ran the line along the S-Z aisle, where I discovered some things I didn’t know I needed. And the parent in line in front of me read Larry Gonick!
    And while I was at Midtown Grand Central, I recommended Understanding Comics to a mother for her 11yearold son who reads stuff like Persepolis.
    Forget kids! Sell The Parents! Parental encouragement fosters talent!