Secret Acre’s wildly psychedlic cartoonist Theo Ellsworth preps the release of his newest work, THE UNDERSTANDING MONSTER – BOOK ONE, as it debuts in a couple weeks at SPX. A quest to explore the inner workings of an imaginary world sends the displaced Izadore, whose current form is that of a mouse, to regain his true form and full realize his true identity.

Theo Ellsworth is no stranger to the mystifying exploration of one’s subconscious. His previous releases, CAPACITY and SLEEPER CAR, asked readers to figuratively occupy an imaginary body and join an imaginary version of his brain as he maneuvered and wormed through the inner workings of his mind. Terror, danger, and psychological confusion are usually a given, as are a slew of bizarrely awesome creatures.

THE UNDERSTAND MONSTER follows a similar tune, but this time taking place in a living house full of mutating rooms and growing toys. Izadore, the graphic novel’s delirious protagonist, endures a “dream logic” treatment that forces him to-and-from time and memory. The house itself and its inhabitants add to the story’s sickness, with a gang of ghosts called the Mean Kids.

Printed in large format, THE UNDERSTANDING MONSTER is a deliciously rendered journey exploring the essence of the mind’s creativity. The pages alone could definitely stand on their own, as everything is so detailed that it’s entirely possible to get lost in them.

If you can’t make it out to SPX to check out THE UNDERSTANDING MONSTER yourself, Brooklyn’s Bergen St. Comics is hosting a release party on September 13th.


  1. I’ve never read this guy because I don’t get much in print anymore but this looks awesome. I feel like I’ve seen his work in anthologies along the way? Hopefully I meet him at SPX! I’ll be there!

    This is SUPER cool. And what great themes. Looks like he’s the guy to take them on. Wow.

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