As a necessity of my job and out of love, I read a lot of comics. These days, it’s rare for me to be truly astounded by a book, but Karl Slominski’s Teeter Topple has managed to do just that.

Teeter Topple tells the story of a 20-something named Mark. After a personal tragedy throws his life into complete disarray, Mark is left haunted and aimless. Living back home with no sense of connection to the world around him, the puppets he used to work with on TV have come to life to provide him with a sense of comfort. However, as Mark learns, comfort is not the same thing as fulfillment.

This book is a story in the lineage of classics like Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen and Nao of Brown— it’s a tale about breaking down and growing up told through Slominski’s exceedingly dynamic artwork. The piece moves from artistic style to style with a seemingly reckless abandon, but when you look below the surface you discover that every visual and linguistic choice has been made with the specific intent of illuminating Mark’s character and his world.

Teeter Topple is a truly singular piece of work that can be ordered through Previews right now, published by 215Ink with the order code FEB172030. Check out the Comics Beat’s exclusive preview of the book after the jump.

Psychedelic Artwork via

When puppeteer Mark survives a crippling tragedy, he finds himself thrown into a topsy-turvy fantasy world with no escape in sight. Haunted by nightmarish visions, his only comfort comes in the form of his new friends: his puppets. Yep, they talk to him. But hey! You’re never alone when you’re out of your mind, and some of your best friends are make-believe!


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