Chris Hunt, former protege of Paul Pope, exploded onto the comics scene with the self published Volume One. Available in stores this Wednesday Today, Hunt brings back Francis Carver in his new [creator-owned] graphic novel, CARVER: A PARIS STORY (published by Z2 Comics). The book is a pulpy, black and white comic book that digs as deep into noir as some of Hollywood’s most iconic films in the genre.


Notorious gentleman of fortune Francis Carver returns to the City of Lights in 1923 after an absence of five years. He’s come back to aid Catherine Ayers, the wife of a wealthy Parisian socialite and the only woman he’s ever loved. Her daughter has been kidnapped by the leader of a crazed anarchist gang, a man named Stacker Lee. In order to bring the girl home, Carver will have to crawl through the underbelly of the city while confronting the demons of his past, before being faced with a final choice: succumb to the man he has become, or take that mask off and be the hero he always wanted to be.


We’re about halfway through reading the book and so far it’s been a very accessible story to new readers, and fans of the genre looking for something fresh. Chris Hunt puts his comics together the way Martin Scorsese puts together movies. Every shot is carefully crafted to maximize impact of the many plot twists you’ll be amazed by. This is shaping up to be another fantastic book published through Z2 Comics.

Check out this fantastic trailer for the book which previews even more of its incredible story:



  1. Bought the first issue of the floppy on the strength of the very arresting cover. Loved it. Bought the rest of the issues and thoroughly enjoyed the story, the characters, and the moody and evocative b&w art.

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