They are asking too many questions!:

“Cap” may be dead.

Captain America, the star-spangled superhero of the Marvel Comics universe, suffered multiple gunshot wounds on the steps of New York City’s federal courthouse last week and is in critical condition, if not dead. There were at least two shooters, and police took one in custody but believe the close-range shooter is still at large.

“Captain America” issue No. 25 had the story of this assassination, which stirs up comic-book memories of 1993, when Superman (DC Comics Universe) died.

And although the comic, as well as online issues of Marvel’s own “Daily Bugle” newspaper, imply he is dead, that may not be the case.

Mimi Cruz, general manager of Salt Lake’s Night Flight Comics, said there is some doubt as to his death. She said the “Civil War Initiative” comic, which also came out March 7, states that Captain America is in “critical condition.”

“I don’t think he’s dead,” Cruz said. “Or, Marvel won’t allow him to stay dead.”