TRIBES: THE DOG YEARS (IDW) Widescreen Sci-Fi Graphic Novel now on iPad

IDW Publishing and SoulCraft Comics proudly announce the launch of TRIBES: THE DOG YEARS as an iPad-only Digital Graphic Novel. The widescreen sci-fi epic written by Michael Geszel and Peter Spinetta, illustrated by Inaki Miranda (Fables, Judge Dredd) and colored by Eva de la Cruz, was published in print in summer of 2010 to critical acclaim, making numerous 2010 “Best Of” lists and being chosen by MTV for its “Adapt This” feature on “comics that should become movies.”

The graphic novel was presciently conceived in widescreen format, consciously anticipating the coming of digital tablets. “We wanted Inaki and Eva’s lush art presented in a way conducive to total immersion into the storyworld,” says Michael Geszel, writer TRIBES: The Dog Years.  “The print edition achieves that with its unique size, and the widescreen visuals on the iPad are more breathtaking than we dared hope.”

“We just started an iPad-only Digital Graphic Novel line,” says Jeff Weber, IDW director of e-publishing. “We are offering books from our catalog that include big brands such as the Star Trek Movie Adaptation as well as books we think have a mass appeal that we’d like to promote more and that shine in this format such as Tribes: The Dog Years.”
The Story: In 2038, a NANO-VIRUS shortens the human lifespan to 21 years.  Civilization collapses.  200 YEARS later the remnants of humanity survive amidst the junkyard ruins of the techno-industrial age. One day everything changes for Sundog of the Sky Shadows tribe. Is there new hope for longer life

“TRIBES: The Dog Years was inspired by my passion for epic sci-fi and the creators who have imagined and built engaging entrancing worlds,” says co-creator Michael Geszel. “Films like Planet of the Apes, Akira, Road Warrior; graphic novels like Paul Pope’s THB, Grant Morrison’s WE3,  Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan; and novels by Philip K Dick, William Gibson, and Neal Steaphenson.”

“The premise is intriguing and the story solid,” says IDW editor-in-chief Chris Ryall. “But when I took one look at Inaki and Eva’s breathtaking visuals, which evoke the lush expanse of the European greats like Moebius in Heavy Metal and also Manga classics like Akira, I knew we had a winner on our hands.”

Based in Madrid, art team Inaki and Eva previously worked on Judge Dredd for 2000AD and are collaborating on a new series for DC Comics.