Devil's Due Leaves Diamond

Devil’s Due Publishing has pulled its distribution of comics and graphic novels from Diamond Comic and Diamond Book Distributors, effective today. The Publisher will soon be announcing its new book store distribution partners, and will offer product direct to comic book retail outlets, as well as distribution through Haven Comic Distributors.

“For almost over a year Devil’s Due has been in an unwinnable situation wherein Diamond garnishes our revenues to pay back returns and fees it claims are owed from 2008 and 2009, making it impossible for us to keep up with payments to talent, printers, and other expenses while maintaining a stable business,” said Josh Blaylock, president of Devil’s Due, who was forced to wind down the company’s publishing rather than ramp up as it originally planned to do when hit with a rough econom in 2008. “We’ve exhausted every resource to get on track, with a primary focus on catching up with talent payments first and formost, but when Diamond controls the money flow, that becomes impossible.”

The decision did not come lightly, adds Blaylock, “Of course this is the last thing a company wants to do in the Diamond dominated comic book industry,  but it is necessary if we are going to be able to ever again be able to turn the money faucet back on. I am hopeful that we will be able to work something out with Diamond in the future. Until we verify a number of questions regarding sales from late 2008 through the present, DDP will be utilizing other avenues of distribution to move back stock, as well as limited releases of select new material.

To order direct, DDP encourages customers to contact the numbers and emails below.

Haven Distributors

Devil’s Due Direct Sales: [email protected]

Book Store Distribution : Coming Soon

It also welcomes fans to purchase digital downloads on, iVerse through the iTunes App store, and comiXology, the latter of which currently has over 100 comics available at including the never-released-in-print Hack/Slash – Mercy Sparx: A Slice of Hell crossover special: , as the sales from these companies are going in large part towards paying off moneys owed to licensors and talent.