ComiXology offers Guided View Authoring Tools

It’s not x-ray vision or the ability to fly faster than a speeding bullet but comiXology, the leading digital comics distributor for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and the Web, is empowering comic publishers and creators with the next best thing with the launch of the Guided View Authoring Tools early adopters program.

The private, invitation-only Alpha program provides creators and publishers with a tool-set to prepare their comics for comiXology’s patent-pending Guided View– the industry standard navigation technology that enables readers to experience comics full screen or panel-to-panel.

The Guided View Authoring Tools program will help level the playing field by giving independent creators and publishers an equal chance for visibility in the digital marketplace through a standard format and ubiquitous platform.

“Creating opportunities for all publishers and independent creators is a major focus for us,” said David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology. “The Guided View Authoring Tools program benefits creators and publishers who either are unknown, have limited print distribution through Diamond or have an older property that won’t get the shelf space it deserves. We created these tools for ourselves — they are the actual tools we use at comiXology when creating Guided View — and realized the great opportunity for anyone to use them. The tools will give publishers and creators an equal opportunity for visibility, while creating more diverse content for our community to enjoy week after week.”

The private Alpha phase recently launched with TOKYOPOP, Devil’s Due, Arcana Comics and Scott Admunson, creator of Barbarian.

“We at TOKYOPOP are big fans of comiXology. They not only learn the needs of publishers and creators, but they execute solutions quickly and effectively,” said Stu Levy, founder and CEO of TOKYOPOP. “Guided View Authoring Tools allow us to scale our digital distribution in a way which meets our needs, and most importantly, the needs of our fans.”

“As a small publisher, getting your work distributed is an extremely difficult task,” said Chris Campbell, creator of Zig Zag. “The largest hurdle is achieving enough orders to even be considered by the major comic distributor. comiXology lets you reach audiences that you’d never get through any other traditional distribution means.”

Once the Alpha phase is completed, comiXology will open more spots for a limited Beta testing of the tools to more creators. The final product will be part of a comprehensive online system, allowing seamless submission for digital publishing for all comic book creators and publishers in an iTunes-like model. Creators and publishers can sign up for a Beta spot at

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