One of the small-press books which has been making most waves within the British comics scene this year has been Porcelain, a fantasy series from Benjamin Read and Chris Wildgoose. A regular fixture at conventions like Thought Bubble, this week it’s been announced that the success of the first book has led to a deal with French publishers Delcourt – and that Porcelain will be also expanding into a trilogy.

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The main announcement is that Delcourt will be publishing a French-language version of the first book, which was called Porcelain: A Gothic Fairy Tale. Apparently a deal was struck at Thought Bubble itself between Delcourt and the creators, and it means the first book is due for a French-language release in late 2014. The announcement also reveals a second piece of news, however – that Porcelain is but the first book of a trilogy of stories.

All three books are sold to France – a pretty remarkable deal for a small-press title – and are scheduled for release over the next few years. The second book is currently called Bone China, whilst the third book is tentatively titled Ivory Tower. The trilogy will follow central character ‘Child’ as she deals with the events of the first book in the series. Read says of the next two parts of the story:

The intention with the next two books is to move beyond the normal fixed frame of the fairy tale and instead show a whole life. In the second book, BONE CHINA, she will be Lady. In the third book, IVORY TOWER, she will be Mother (but not perhaps how you think). We will follow Child as she grows into a woman; living out her grand, terrible, and, ultimately, legendary life.

The first book is currently published by Improper Books in the UK, and a deal is apparently expected for US publication shortly.

This is a pretty noteworthy turn of events. I’ve been attending Thought Bubble for several years, and can remember seeing Porcelain in several iterations over that time. It’s gone from free sample to comic to part one of a trilogy in only a few years. That’s remarkable stuff.


  1. My friend, the writer Chales deLint told me that I HAD to read this book and he was right. Its gorgeous and full of such promise. Congratulations to both Benjamin and Chris! Lovely work that made me itch to draw comics again…

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