Hopefully this will stay up for a while — a pilot for a Plastic Man cartoon prepared for the Cartoon Network. The work of Ren & Stimpy vet Stephen DeStefano and Clone Wars vet Andy Suriano is clearly seen, while Sponge Bob Tom Kenney does the voice.


  1. That looked terrible, animation was bad, characters looked terrible, why did that officer have a yellow nose? You can do comedy without turning it into some 60’s cartoon

  2. Very nice, very… I like the art style, had a nice mix of Spumco’s style combined with Kyle Baker’s designs from DC’s most recent Plastic Man comic.

  3. Eh. It was ‘wacky’, but not smart, which is something that all Plastic Man comics are and should be. Seemed like a waste of energy almost… and where is Woozy Winks!? [sighs]

  4. Makes me think of Freakazoid merged with Ren & Stimpy. Man, I wish freakazoid. could work as a kids cartoon, but not intelligent enough to have the carry over appeal that both of those had.

  5. I thought it was pretty high quality for a pilot. Perhaps also it was commissioned for Cartoon Network proper and targeted as a kids show, for which much of the action and jokes account for. I’m sure it would have been very different if for Adult swim.

  6. I liked it. I haven’t really watched cartoons in years, but I thought it was fun. I know younger kids would probably love it.

  7. It certainly looks like its made for children, but after seeing Bruce Timm’s DC toons and reading Kyle Baker’s comics, this isn’t terrible, but not a disappointment. Of course, when compared with the actual series, most pilots don’t tend to stand up to snuff. IIts fun though… but could use some better timing.

  8. I’d like to point out that Tom Kenny is also of “Mr. Show” fame, and an awesome stand-up in his own right; quite funny, not just funny voices.

  9. Totally awesome. It could use a little work, but I could easily see it becoming a solid show. I really hope it gets a second chance.

    (Also, as a guy who runs a website devoted to superhero fashion, I gotta say the small mods to Plastic Man’s outfit were EXCELLENT.)

  10. It’s a pilot fer chri$t’s sake; and still better than anything cartoon network has on air now anyway! Who wants to see another show about a little boy and his talking monkey?!#$%!

  11. I don’t know… Foster’s and Adult Swim are great. Children’s shows, at least the good ones, tend to be ones which are intelligent and have crossover appeal to adults which this did not. MUCH better than ‘Gym Partner’s a Monkey’ or ‘Camp Lazlo’ [which, unlike this, have no crossover appeal whatsoever], but Plastic Man always remained strong based also on the world around it, not just on the character who can become anything. Here the world seems like PPG mixed with Ren and Stimpy with a touch of Bob Clampett and Frank Tashlin. Baker did something interesting by giving him a new original world, while this seems like a world from a Keystone Kops reel. Its a good pilot, which will probably result in ultimately a good series, hopefully with more of the Plastic Man mythos and feelings of psychosexual metaphor and feelings of loss, irony and fantasy, and not merely a stretchy fellow.

  12. ““It was ‘wacky’ but not smartâ€????!!! It’s a kid’s show!”

    Spongebob is not smart? Justice League is not smart? Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is not smart?!!!

  13. “Smart?”

    ‘Smart’ is relevant, my friend.

    I don’t think Billy & Mandy is a ‘smart’ show. You can argue that Jeopardy is a smart show, but to some it’s just filler.

    Personally, I think Maximum Exposure is “smart.”

  14. It’s at Youtube right now – and it will keep popping up as long as I can keep re-uploading it to various services.

    Get it while it’s hot!

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