200608031042More E3 fall out, as the guys behind the immensely popular webcomic Penny Arcade, Tycho and Gabe, remind us PAX, their own gaming convention, is getting bigger every year and could end up being a sort-of replacement for the gaming convention.

So what does this mean for PAX? Well honestly I think it’s too soon to say for sure. I personally never thought of E3 as our competitor. The two conventions had very different goals. Now E3, at least as we know it is gone but the focus of PAX has not changed. PAX is about gamers not publishers and geek culture instead of multi-million dollar business deals. We have no desire to turn PAX into a new E3 so don’t worry about that. The only place I think we might see a noticeable change is in our exhibition hall. It’s already quite a spectacle but I think that the lack of an E3 event means our exhibition hall is going to get fucking nuts.

All this and more is discussed in lively debate over at Kotaku.

PAX will be held this year August 26-27. Online pre-registration ends TODAY!