WmarkThe roly poly Penguin will be the star of a new line of novelty apparel from Lot 29, a WB clothing line. Is this part of an attempt to cash in on the resurgence in popularity of REAL penguins?

WHAM! … KAPOW!…Get ready for a new force in streetwear. The multi-million dollar Wicked Fashions, Inc. announces a licensing arrangement between its LOT 29 division and Warner Bros. owned, DC Comics. The partnership rolls out with a unique line of sportswear for young men and juniors, featuring the Batman villain, Penguin.

Retro meets urban as LOT 29’s adaptation of the character comes to life in bold color, while leaving the good guys behind in a sea of black. Korean lettering spells out “Kapow!” and adds a punch while juxtaposed next to the Penguin caricature throughout the collection. Adding a funky approach to this cutting-edge clothing line, Penguin represents the new wave of fashion in urban sportswear.

“DC Comics, by L29, will target the more advanced streetwear customer and retailer, appealing to their ‘cool factor.’ The styling and design is plugged into what is happening with the young men’s and juniors market,” said Burt Damsky, V.P. of Sales for LOT 29. “This product will be about individuality and exclusivity for the customer.”

LOT 29’s urban attitude has transformed into a nostalgic play on the irreverent villain, the Penguin, inspiring a new trend in streetwear. David Strumeier, V.P. of Marketing, Licensing and New Product Development at SouthPole notes, “The partnership between DC Comics and LOT 29 will create a unique offering for selective retailers and trend conscious consumers.”

Just as Penguin’s persona, LOT 29 will takeover MAGIC and steal the show next week, showcasing at booth number 30057 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Be sure to stop by as the mayhem and madness of the Penguin party begins.


  1. Perhaps it’s the closest Korean equivalent to “KAPOW!” but the characters on the design above would phonetically be pronounced something like “GOKA DANG!”

    My knowledge of the language doesn’t go much beyond basic phonics, I’m afraid.