Another narrative-defining profile, this time Paul Pope’s many media forays are profiled in the Wall Street Journal, with an emphasis on his work in the fashion world for Diesel and DKNY:

Though he’s working with some of DKNY Jeans’ top people, Mr. Pope has never before designed clothes. His 12-year-old nephew jokes that Mr. Pope is a superhero “because I always wear the same thing,” Mr. Pope says. At his favorite Italian bar downtown, he admits that Diesel gave him lots of free clothing. “I don’t even know how much this costs,” he says, pointing at his jacket.

We expect the following paragraph to be the most quoted:

He’s a striking contrast to the image of the awkward, unhip comic artist epitomized by Robert Crumb and Harvey Pekar. One of his former editors remembers meeting a young Mr. Pope at a comic conference 10 years ago with a torn T-shirt and a bare midriff. His first major graphic novel “Heavy Liquid” featured a fictional buyer’s guide with price breakdowns for the items that the characters sported. “I don’t think I made the clothes expensive enough,” says Mr. Pope, chuckling.

There’s also a video, which, if we aren’t complete idiots, is embedded above.


  1. Great link, I had no idea Sir Pope was also working in the design fields. I showed the link to my wife who designs jewelry and appreciated his attention to detail (and dug his little bag of pretty butterfly wings). I just keep rereading his Batman Year 100, loved the style and fast pace of that book.