We know everyone will be sad to see the election end, so here’s one last tribute to the folks who made the last two years a “feel good” time of lighthearted fun. Via John K’s Political Toys: three vinyl figurines limited to a run of 3,000 each that will help you commemorate the great personalities who helped us laugh and love through this long, strange journey. The Meltblog caught up with the man:

What toy do you remember breaking and how did you break it?
Well I don’t remember a particular one, but every year on Firecracker Day we would purposely try to blow up all our favorite toys. Nutty Mads were indestructible though. They would just get black burn marks on them but refused to explode or even melt.

We had one great explosive kit called “The Burning Schoolhouse”. It was a cardboard box in the shape of a house with flames and horrified teachers hanging out the windows printed on the box. The box came filed with all kinds of fireworks and made quite a display at night. We would fill these with army men and cowboys and whatever other toys we had and we named each toy after a teacher. Then we would light the box up and watch our teachers melt and give off toxic spumes as we enacted all their screaming cries for mercy. The Nutty Mads always survived the carnage.

Perhaps this scene will be recreated tonight.

Don’t forget to vote! If you’re stil undecided, we suggest this alternate candidate.