Oh My Gods.

On Wednesday, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books announced its latest middle grade comic, a mythological two-book series called Oh My Gods. HMH is a two century old publisher responsible for tiles like The Best American Comics series, while its YA imprint is home to Kayla Miller’s Click and Lisa Hardraker’s The Adventures of Beanboy, both series aimed at keeping kids interested in comics. Oh My Gods is the most recent title in that effort, from a team of women who know how strong the market is.

Stephanie Cooke, one of the series’ writers, says in a Tweet: “I’ve been saying for a long time now that the comics industry is desperately in need of more kids comics. I am SO incredibly proud to be helping make that happen.”

Cooke, founder of Creator Resource, and Insha Fitzpatrick, editor-in-chief of Dis/Member and co-editor-in-chief of Rogues Portal, will be writing the series with Juliana Moon handling the art. Maria Vicente, who’s representing the creative team, summed up what we can expect from their collaboration on Twitter:

Oh My Gods follows a young girl, Karen, as she questions who she is after moving into a new environment: “Karen, an average girl from New Jersey, moves in with her enigmatic father to start school at Mt. Olympus Junior High, but things take a turn when Karen discovers mythological beasts are real and her classmates are gods and goddesses—so who does that make her?”

Oh My Gods book one hits shelves in fall 2020 and you can expect its sequel a year later, in fall 2021.