Please note we had the wrong date for the Gabrielle Bell party at Rocketship this weekend — it takes place on SATURDAY. That was entirely The Beat‘s fault, and not that of our splendid intern Cindy, who now puts together the listings, allowing The Beat precious time to make calls to Biarritz, order from Fresh Direct, and pursue a long-dormant interest in philately. Honest, we’d forgotten how much we like stamp hinges until Cindy came to help us out.

We will be out of town next week and part of the next, and this is going to be one of those no-internet-access for days at a time trips. In fact our mission is covert, vital and lethal force has been authorized for use if necessary. But very little internet. We have some thrilling plans to fill the empty days that will have our readers crowing with joy, however. One word: Woodgod.