As part of DC’s Premiere Presentation of the first episode of Titans last night, we also got a first look at the new DC Universe Harley Quinn animated series – as well as a drop-in appearance from one Brendan Fraser. Fraser will be playing Robotman in the live-action Doom Patrol series currently being filmed for the DC Universe service, and he brought a first-look at what the character will look like. Hint: he looks pretty much like he does in the comics.

From the looks of the photo, Fraser then possibly went on to live-read selected portions of the Diamond Catalogue no no I’m kidding, I think.

The Doom Patrol live action series is expected to start in 2019, spinning out of Titans – although the actors playing the Doom Patrol in that series may not necessarily be the same actors you’ll see in the actual Doom Patrol series, confusingly.


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