Brigid and various folks have been going to panels and gathering news. Brigid has GO! Comi‘s new licenses, ComiPress has Del Rey’s early announcements. Deb Aoki at About.Com has Viz”s news, which includes new maga by the ceators of Rurouni Kenshin and Death Note. ANN has complete team coverage as well as Media Blaster’s plans for Genshiken. ANN also has breaking news of parental complaints about a bookstore’s manga section, and a US House proposal to limit the import of child pr0n:

The United States House of Representatives passed a bill on Wednesday that would expand the online enforcement against “any image of any apparent child pornography.” In Japan, a government research panel on the unification of telecommunications and broadcast laws called for legislation to regulate “harmful materials” on the Internet on Thursday. Both efforts could affect manga and anime that depict fictional, explicit content.

We’ll have more of a wrap-up of the show tomorrow. Saturday was quite busy, but a big question remains dealer sales, as one poster alluded to. Del Rey and Marvel are announcing whatever it is they are doing later today and we’ll tell you what it is if it’s of any interest.

[Top photo nicked from LJinto’s Flickr sgtream.]


  1. It was one complaint, and the store handled it well. However, there are some covers on everyday manga which may seem…questionable, and if one flips through a book, it is not difficult to find a scene which can be taken out of context.
    Barnes & Noble has three comics sections: Children’s, Teen, and Graphic Novels. The latter is where most of the manga is shelved, from Naruto to yaoi. B&N is very cautious with adult material, and generally the corporate buyer ignores it. Stores can order the titles. Our BookMaster database lists age levels, so that we know if something is inappropriate. Most yaoi arrives shrinkwrapped.
    Who watches the watchmen? Generally, it’s the publisher who decides. Book reviews help as well. The American Library Association tracks most/all books which have been challenged across the country.
    The House bill is interesting. Most imported Hentai is translated so that a high school setting becomes a college. How do you enforce such a law? How is it done with movies?