How many well-known faces can you spot?


  1. I have a lot of trouble imagining that anyone will be enticed to go to NYCC from that ad. And was I supposed to know who any of those people were?

  2. I recognize alot of the faces, but the only one I can put a name to right off is Neal Adams. And yes, it’s very long. That commercial is like a tv show with the commercials edited out, it’s so long.

  3. Yeah…. Kyle Baker, Neal Adams, Spyder Adams, was that really John Cassaday?

    As for the intent of the spot? I don’t think it’s a matter of recognizing the faces, or not. Just as I don’t know the people in the Apple Mac ads. I like what it was trying to do (mixing metaphors). And as someone who was in advertising for over a decade this is more effective than showing people in Storm Trooper outfits. In short, it’s best to leave it to the imagination when dealing with an “event” that is unique to the individual.

    If the product is meant to have the same effect – then yeah, show the actual item (in this case, the showroom floor, et.). But as implied, the show is different each year, and one shouldn’t expect the same results.

    It’s better than biff-bang-pow! Look kids, comic stuff here!

  4. It would be nice if they had actual female comics creators in the ad instead of just newbies and women delivering some sexual innuendo.

  5. What I wonder is will people unfamiliar with the event know what “nycomiccon” is? I’m guessing the point is to intrigue, to build up expectations that this is about sex and then tumble that idea down at the end, but it was a little long which makes the viewer realize too early in the clip that the ending is NOT going to be what they expect. And then you get to the end and it just says, “February 2007” with “” in smaller text at the bottom.

    Cute commercial on it’s own. But not much appeal to people outside of the already existing comics crowd. (those in the crowd . . . should know about NYCC already considering we’re all introverts to sit at home reading the internets all day ;) .) Plus . . . this is an ad targeted at adults. Where’s the love for an all-ages crowd and the fact comic conventions are supposed to be fun and exciting? Tell me why I should attend in specifics rather than, “it was great.” On television . . . everything is great.

    It IS a very nice concept and I laughed several times watching it, but . . . will it really draw in the amount of time and money spent on it?

    And sorry if I’m being overly critical, but it seems something that keeps popping up in comics that any marketing is done to an already existing market that doesn’t necessarily need the ads thrown at them to be convinced, rather than trying to expand to new audiences and people. And just because the ads are neat and creative and funny means that yes you’ll get somebody to laugh and look, but when the commercial is more appealing than the product, then you’ve lost them once the screen goes black.

  6. It was okay, but you have to shorten the commercial down to 30-60 seconds. It would probably work better as a 30 second piece. I would think this would be aimed at the NYC, Philly, Hartford, Trenton and maybe Boston markets. It was too long for my tastes and I don’t think many stations have spots that are for almost 2 minutes.