WrestleMania isn’t the only grapple centric event going on this weekend in New Orleans. Friday night, competitors Impact Wrestling and El Rey Network’s Lucha Underground held a special crossover live show on Twitch from Wrestle Con. During the event, none other than Chavo Guerrero Jr, nephew of the late great Eddie Guerrero made the announcement in regards to the return of the most theatrical and exciting wrestling show on television. The official press release from El Rey Network as follows:

“Lucha Underground,” El Rey Network’s electrifying, lucha libre wrestling series from Emmy Award®-winning producer Mark Burnett, Robert Rodriguez, MGM, and FactoryMade will return for an all-new, fourth season on Wednesday, June 13th at 8PM ET, it was announced today at Wrestle Con in New Orleans.  Masked heroes and villains will continue to battle it out for wrestling supremacy in the hour-long weekly series, giving fans a ringside seat to the blood-pumping, chant-starting lucha libre drama and excitement…

“’Lucha Underground’ has continually raised the bar on storytelling and athleticism and this season will be no different” said El Rey Network President and GM, Daniel Tibbets.  “This show has re-defined wrestling, and in the process developed a passionate and devoted fan base. We are happy to offer the Believers exactly what they want, more ‘Lucha Underground.’”

Leading into the new season, El Rey Network offers fans a chance to re-live the guts, blood, and glory of season three with two hours of back-to-back fan favorite episodes every Wednesday at 8pm ET, culminating with the epic return of the fourth season on Wednesday, June 13th at 8PM ET.

Ancient tradition, extraordinary athleticism, and a flare for theatrics combine in El Rey Network’s wrestling series, “Lucha Underground”.  The riveting original series introduces American audiences to the high-flying aerial maneuvers, slingshot moves, dramatic masks, intricate, rapid-fire combinations and distinctive wrestling techniques of lucha libre, one of Mexico’s most popular sports. A celebration of lucha libre’s long-standing Mesoamerican heritage and culture dating back to 1863, this is programming that must be seen to be believed.

Lucha Underground has seen appearances from icons such as Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guererro along with resurgences from names diehard WWE fans know as John Morrison and Jack Swagger. It’s also been a showcase for talent from the indie scene that’s going to make big moments in WWE. Don’t believe me? Just tune into NXT Takeover New Orleans tonight on WWE Network to watch Ricochet in the six-man match for the North American Championship. If you’ve never heard of him, you’ll be treated to some of the most kinetic aerial moves around. Lucha Underground fans have been enjoying his work as masked luchador Prince Puma since the show debuted. Just check out this match from season 2 between Ricochet and Rey Mysterio.

I got to visit the new set of Lucha Underground season 4 a few weeks ago for my friends over at Red Carpet Report and next week we’ll be sharing interviews from our time on one of this summer’s hottest shows. Happy Wrestling!


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