Well here’s a nice birthday present for The Beat! It seems Mike Baron and Steve Rude have ironed out their differences and are working on NEXUS again…oh and apparently I am working on the anthology! Yikes!

Steve Rude announced today the formation of Rude Dude Productions, LLC. Rude Dude will publish Nexus and the Moth. The ground-breaking, award-winning Nexus first appeared on Capital Comics in 1981. The story of a cosmic avenger driven by dreams of mass murder captured the imagination of the comic-reading public throughout the eighties. Dark Horse recently released hard-bound volumes of the first twenty-four issues in their prestigious “Archives” editions. Mike Baron will script, Steve Rude will draw and Gary Martin will ink.

The Moth, a more-traditional super hero comic, was created by Rude and is written and inked by Gary Martin. The Moth follows the adventures of circus strong man Jack Mahoney and has been compared to the early work of Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby.

Baron described the new Nexus as “the most intense thing I have ever written” and promises far-ranging repercussions for Horatio Hellpop and his world. Nexus has garnered numerous industry awards including three Eisners.

“The return of Baron and Rude and NEXUS is one of those events that gives me hope for the medium. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and for me, personally, it means everything. I mean, how often does someone have a chance to say these words: My favorite comicbook is back!” –Joe Casey

“Nexus made me what I am today. Baron and Rude are the reasons I do creator owned comics. Without Nexus, there would be no Powers, and one less creator out there. Nexus is easily one of the best comic series ever, I can’t wait to see it return!” –Mike Avon Oeming, Powers co-creator

Following the four issue Nexus run, which will begin in July, will be Amazing Dude Tales, a 64-page anthology all drawn by Steve Rude. Writers include Mike Baron, F. Paul Wilson, Heidi MacDonald, and Gary Martin.

Following Amazing Dude Tales, the Moth begins its four issue run. Rude Dude plans to release four new issues of Nexus and four new issues of The Moth annually.


  1. Greatness on so many levels – Nexus is one of the greatest comics ever and Uncle Heidi writes for the Dude! Didn’t notice your name in the article the first time I read it on another site, Heidi. Congratulations!

  2. WWOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO! One of my quests in life is to someday own every issue of Nexus, one that admittedly I haven’t kept up on.

    BUT NOW I’m excited to see NEW Nexus Stuff. BARON AND RUDE ROCK!