A few oddments of news we’ve had floating around our inbox for the last few days:

§ Tucker Stone’s MoCCA coverage dropped the bomb that the upcoming SIMPSON’S TREEHOUSE OF HORROR #15 will contain stories by the cream of the latest art comix crop, including John Kerschbaum, Kevin Huizenga, Jordan Crane, Jeffrey Brown, C.F. and Dan Zettwoch. CF on the Simpsons! Can’t wait!

§ Canadian cartoonist Doug Wright has been getting much attention of late due to D&Q’s lavish collection of his work. This jogged Marv Wolfman’s memory regarding a little known phase of Wright’s career:

Doug was one of my regular Crazy artists. I…got in touch with Doug and other Pulitzer prize winning editorial cartoonists who did stories for me at our ridiculous rates. Turns out editorial cartoonists had plenty of time each day while waiting for the story that they’d do their cartoon about. They were also lightning fast as well as brilliant. Doug did a number of stories for me as did several other editorial cartoonists who wanted to keep busy. Great stuff and it made Crazy look beyond wonderful.

§ Agent/artist Denis Kitchen has a few notes for us; his UNDERGROUND CLASSICS book from Abrams has gone to a second printing. Also, daughter Alexa Kitchen, is hitting the mainstream with a new book due from Hyperion this August, Grown-Ups Are Dumb! ((No Offense)). Young Kitchen has been publishing her cartoons since she was five years old, and this work — the fruit of her 10th year — represents her most mature work yet!


  1. Marv Wolfman sez: “…Doug (Wright) was one of my regular Crazy artists.”
    I wonder what issues Wright appeared in? I would like to see those strips.

  2. In response to my own question, then, Wiki has donated the following information:
    “Marv Wolfman edited the first 10 issues of Crazy from 1973-1975 and the first “Super Special”,”
    That makes things easier.. only 11 issues to look through, not 95 of them.