§ Eroto-manga-ka SABE has passed away at age 41. Warning, the link is VERY, VERY NSFW…in fact it may even be something that you could go to jail for.

§ In Wizard news, long-time art director Arlene So and Darren Sanchez, VP of Production and Circulation, are new layoffs. So was an institution and former Wizard employees — honestly, you can’t swing a cat without hitting one in NYC — were shocked to hear of her dismissal. Is anyone reminded of the way you throw some people off as a balloon is leaking gas, just to keep from landing in the crocodile tank? Wizard is also having big problems at Amazon, where they have a 64% negative feedback rating.

§ANN reports on the liquidation of manga pioneer CPM’s licenses:

The New York company MYC & Associates is liquidating the licenses of the bankrupt anime distributor Central Park Media (CPM). David Kittay, the trustee that the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York assigned to handle CPM’s assets, appointed MYC & Associates to handle the liquidation. MYC & Associates has provided a list of CPM’s former assets, including the partial listing of copyrights below. However, CPM did not retain permanent ownership of most of these titles, so many of these copyrights cover only the materials that CPM itself produced, such as subtitles, dubbing, and packaging. Darkside Blues, Grave of the Fireflies, M.D. Geist., and Now and Then, Here and There have already been acquired by A.D. Vision for DVD reissues.


  1. Hm dunno what word I meant when I typed that last night, but it wasn’t “Shit.” Apologies to anyone offended!

  2. @ Engblom

    I’ve often wondered the same about many businesses. They seem to hang on month after month, becoming smaller each month (CrossGen, anyone?). Perhaps it is a corporate rules thing where you can’t simply stop because the end appears near. Perhaps you have to keep plodding on until you collapse in the hot desert sun.

  3. Based on the fact that Wizard has turned towards mail fraud with all of their customers then if they don’t put themselves out of business soon then the lawsuits will do it for them.