If you’re deep into DC Comics, chances are you’ve seen the José Luis García-López DC Comics style guide art. 

While the 1982 DC Comics Style Guide itself is not in print or readily available for public purchase (at the time of this writing, one was on Ebay for $2500), the art circulates often, eliciting hushed discussions and desperate promises, like some kind of divine legend. I know I myself have said something like, “What I’d give to own that style guide!” Well, now me and anyone else who is interested can. 

Yes, DC Comics is making the legendary García-López DC Comics style guide art available this July as a set of variant covers. Specifically, the covers will appear on Batman #150, Green Arrow #14, Green Lantern #13, Shazam! #13, Superman #16, The Flash #11 and Wonder Woman #11, featuring each of those characters respectively. 

You can learn a little bit more about this via DC’s official announcement, or check out the full press release with accompanying images below. I’ve mostly stopped buying physical single image comics, becoming a digital/collections guy these days for space purposes, but I will be buying all seven of these, likely to rotate on display on the shelf above my computer in my office. 

But enough about me! Art to follow…enjoy!

García-López DC Comics style guide

García-López DC Comics style guide

And now some background from the official press release…

In 1982, Spanish-Argentine artist José Luis García-López was hired to design an in-house document, the DC Comics Style Guide, delivering a consistent look and characterization for DC’s Super Heroes that influenced comics, animated series, action figures, toys, clothes, lunch boxes, trading cards, sticker books, and more. Anytime a DC artist wanted to use one of their established characters, they’d pull the DC Comics Style Guide (shared internally as 3-ring binder) as a reference for the costume and the general style of the characters appearance.

The model sheets in the DC Comics Style Guide became the standard reference for DC artists and license holders working on DC releases for decades and, thanks to García-López’ timeless character work, has continued to influence many DC artists and fans to this day.

And in July, key character turnarounds have been pulled from the legendary DC Comics Style Guide to be featured for the first time on a set of Artist Spotlight variant covers honoring José Luis García-López! Look for Artist Spotlight variant covers on Batman #150, Green Arrow #14, Green Lantern #13, Shazam! #13, Superman #16, The Flash #11 and Wonder Woman #11.