With TUF off the air what ever will we do on Thursdays at 10? Well luckily for everyone, USA is premiering a show NEXT Thursday called BURN NOTICE starring Jeffrey Donovan as a Miami-based spook who has had his identity wrecked by the CIA, so he has to turn to being a private eye. Now why are mentioning this worthy successor to SILK STALKINGS? Because it co-stars THE ONE TRUE BRUCE, that’s why! Bruce plays a hard drinking washed up spy who’s a mentor and pal to the hero, a position otherwise known as the “Noah Beery/Roger Mosley” role. Has Bruce entered the autumn of his career, playing fat sidekicks in Hawaiian shirts? Why, yes he has, and you know what? WE DON’T CARE BECAUSE HE’S EARNED IT. Still, you might want to throw a few more lambs on the sacrificial fire and chant “EVIL DEAD 4, EVIL DEAD 4” a few times while you’re at it. We have faith.


  1. If it had any authenticity, it’d be on Telemundo or Univision. An English-speaking PI in Miami? That’s science fiction!