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IKEA, the unavoidable home decor trendsetter for the budget conscious and/or Swedo-philes, has announced a few new textile lines for spring. The Charlotta line, seen above, may provide very little contrast with the rest of our decor, but it’s just too cute to pass up, let’s face it:

3. The CHARLOTTA line by Åsa Ekström, a Swedish manga artist. She includes everything from Segel’s Square in Stockholm and traditional Swedish folk costumes to Japanese tattoos and Godzilla. Her favorite design is CHARLOTTA VILD, which features Scandinavian animals portrayed origami style. She writes: “Perhaps you can do a tea cozy with origami animals – or cut out a samurai Viking and pin it on a bag. I had great fun designing this collection and I hope the playfulness and joy have rubbed off on the textiles.”

Incidentally, Ekström has a website, with many examples of her work, some of which, such as the one below, is unlikely to be featured at IKEA.



  1. Not surprising… I built an Ikea loft bed during Thanksgiving, and the instruction manual was a wordless comic book! Actually… it wasn’t much different than a LEGO set… except LEGO manuals are printed in color.

    Only one big FAIL with this… a white couch? Do they make mylar snugs that big? Or do I just keep it Mint In Box?