Up at Apple.
Image ganked from Pulp Secret. Sorry boys, we’re very pressed for time.


  1. Looks great. People forget what a strong pedigree of creators this has behind it. Edward Norton has been strong in almost every movie he’s ever been in, including Death to Smoochy (seriously!)

  2. I do want to see it, but is it just me, or does the Hulk look even more fake this time around? His face seems doll-like, he always looks too “soft” and out of focus, and his muscles are way too overly rendered. You’d think with the advance in technology in the last few years, they could’ve done a better job.

    Oh well, minor complaint. Looking forward to it. I like the whole “Fugitive” angle.

  3. Oh Marvel will be marketing this flick big time, alright – they’re just waiting for all the Slurpee cups with Robert Downey Jr’s likeness on them to either sell out or run its’ coarse.



  4. Did anyone else notice the subliminal use of the music from the old Hulk TV series? It’s been updated and altered slightly but it’s still there. Not sure if Ang Lee’s film did the same.

    Also, William Hurt as Thunderbolt Ross? I kinda miss Sam Elliot…