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It’s all still a bit cloak and dagger (and very early days), but there’s a new and upcoming  event in Minneapolis this August. Cooked up by Zak Sally, Anders Nilsen, Tom Kaczynski (all of whom are currently faculty members at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design), local publishers 2D Cloud, TalkWeird Press, Grimalkin press and Robert Ageo, a visiting artist at the MCAD, Autoptic -meaning to see and experience with your own eyes, for your self- now also has the distinction of being appropriated as a noun: ‘a one-day festival of independent culture featuring comics, zines, prints, posters, music and art.’

The event will be free for the public to attend, but no word on where it will be held yet, apart from this short teaser video. That’s an interesting mix of people involved and with Jamie Hernandez already announced as a special guest, definitely one to keep an eye out for. Bookmark the website for further developments, or sign up to the email subscription to receive updates. Alternatively, check back here at The Beat for news as we get it.