Following fan feedback the newly announced reprint of classic Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill 2000 AD series Nemesis the Warlock is getting even better – Nemesis the Warlock: The Definitive Edition, scheduled to go on sale December 5, 2023, will now be published in an over-sized format. Reportedly the largest reprinting of the series to date.

The new printing of the Nemesis the Warlock series will be published at 307mm x 231mm (12.09”x9.09”) instead of 276mm x 210mm (10.87” x 8.27”). That means the new edition will be just over 22% larger than originally solicited. Truly Zarjaz!

Nemesis has had multiple reprints in the past – the first Rebellion reprint (The Complete Nemesis the Warlock) came out all the way back in 2009

According to Rebellion,

“Due to unprecedented fan demand, Rebellion is pleased to announce that the forthcoming release of Nemesis the Warlock: The Definitive Edition will be bigger AND better – printed larger than any previous edition of the landmark 2000 AD series!”

Taking advantage of the enlarged format, the new books will feature colour pages previously republished in black-and-white and new high-resolution scans of the stories and pin-ups produced from original period of publication.

Nemesis the Warlock: The Definitive Edition will go on general release as a series of paperbacks. Special hardcover editions (with exclusive covers) can be pre-ordered from the 2000 AD webshop. The first 176-page volume goes on sale December 5 and copies can be ordered via Diamond Previews.

Nemesis the Warlock is one of the jewels in the crown of 2000 AD, about an alien freedom fighter confronting a fascist xenophobic human empire led by the malevolent and twisted Torquemada. Created by Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill, the character first debuted in 1980’s 2000 AD prog 167 – in The Terror Tube, a one-off Comic Rock story inspired by The Jam song Going Underground. It was given a follow up and then a full series where Kevin O’Neill and successive artists were able to really strut their stuff. O’Neill in particular was able to really go to town on the twisted and weird imagery that made the series such a revelation to fans.


  1. So the people like me who bought the paperback version a few years back that was in the vein of the Dredd files books are dummies…

    Also, why is the price not mentioned ?

    What happened when this new one is supplanted in a few years by a “more definitive” version ?

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