200710041152Fast on the heels of JONNY DYNAMITE’s move to the tube, comes word that MS TREE may be headed for Oxygen:

‘Ms. Tree’ the hard-boiled iron-wearing widow created by Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty is coming back with a vengeance. But her return won’t be in comics, but rather in prose…and on TV!

Comics2Film has learned that a ‘Ms. Tree’ TV movie, with a pilot in the wings, is in the works at Oxygen, Max (and Terry Beatty’s) option having been picked up.


  1. Hey, Oxygen runs Xena: Warrior Princess reruns (or used to…); there’s no shame in dialing up that network!

    Really glad to hear about Ms. Tree getting some notice, both for a TV version and also for the new prose novel. Of course, I hope that the comics get reprinted–but that may be because I’m just miles away from my collection right now, and really wouldn’t mind having ’em in handsome book format for my shelf…

  2. Hmm, interesting. They’ll probably cast an unknown, but I’m hoping they go with an actress that looks like Sean Young circa the Blade Runner years of her carreer (I haven’t seen Sean Young in anything in a while so I have no idea of how she looks these days).

    I’d also hope the movie / pilot is more like the Ms. Tree run before it went to DC where it seemed a bit off.

  3. For what it’s worth, Entertainment Weekly did a piece on Sean Young recently (it’s available at: http://tinyurl.com/2wt2hf ) and she’s looking pretty good in the accompanying photo.

    I know what you mean about Sean Young’s Blade Runner/No Way Out look being very Ms.-Tree-esque. Heck, I wouldn’t mind her taking the role now. I’d hate for Hollywood to think they should cast a young actress to play Ms. Tree, since part of her character is about having been beaten up by life a little bit, being old enough to have adoptive children, etc.. Then again, Sean Young was in her 20s when she did Blade Runner, so if they go with a young actress who can play older/sophisticated (like Lauren Bacall in the Big Sleep), that’d work.

    Heck, I know that this is just an option and it’s just TV, but for some reason, I find it more exciting to think of a live-action Ms. Tree than, say, who’ll play Wonder Woman in the a JLA movie. Guess that’s just me, huh…

  4. “Guess that’s just me, huh…”

    Well, probably just anyone that likes good stories. I have a hunch that a Ms. Tree telefilm which have a much more interesting (and well-developed) plot than a JLA film, which will probably just become a big FX bonanza.

  5. Hey, thanks for the validation!

    OK. Since there seem to be a few Tree-fans out here, let’s keep this thing going a bit. We’ve talked about Sean Young. Who else would you cast as Ms. Tree? Or any of her supporting cast?