The long-brewing Sub-mariner movies has a director again, Variety reports, namely Jonathan Mostow (Terminator 3):

Kevin Misher is producing through his Misher Films along with Marvel Studios. U’s Peter Cramer is overseeing for the studio, Kevin Feige for Marvel. David Self wrote an earlier draft of the screenplay.

[Snip]Project previously looked like it would go with Chris Columbus at the helm and his 1492 Prods. producing. His involvement was announced in late 2004 but that package fell apart.

Mostow’s past credits include “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,” “U-571” and “Breakdown.”

Hm, wonder if all those fake Aquaman ads have had a subconscious effect on getting this movie back on the front burner?


  1. I thought T3 was ok (better than I was expecting), but I love David Self’s movies, and I think there could be some really cool underwater stuff that hasn’t been attempted before. It certainly wouldn’t look like yet another superhero movie.