[As a public service, we here at the The Beat are pledged to keep readers up to date on real-life events that prove that writer Grant Morrison is in possession of secret knowledge which he is slowly revealing to the world at large by spotlighting weird things that we imagine would be really cool if they appeared in Grant Morrison comics. We call this feature “Morrison was Right!”.]

Manatee spotted near NYC:

A manatee has been seen in the Hudson River near Manhattan.

The gentle behemeth, estimated at 10 feet long and close to 1,000 pounds, is far from home. Most manatees live in Florida and sightings even in Virginia are considered rare.

Watchers tracked this one last month as it swam north — first near Delaware, then Maryland, then New Jersey. Saturday, it was seen at 23rd Street in Manhattan, then later at 125th Street in Harlem.


  1. i always thought that grant was the real king mob. that means there must be other invisibles sprinkled about. who am i? who are you?