§ iFanboy: When Brians do collide! at Rocketship no less.

§Artists’ Alley completely sold out at this year’s San Diego comic-con.

§ The comments section at MangaBlog leads the way to a 10-page pdf download of NON NON BA, the Angoulême winning album.

§ This fellow doesn’t care much for Joe Matt:

“Spent” by Joe Matt is a little book with big problems. It’s about a self-loathing, chronic- masturbating, penny-pinching comic book artist who is writing a book about a self-loathing, chronic-masturbating, penny-pinching, comic book artist. And it does a pretty good job of encapsulating everything that is wrong with underground comics. I kept waiting for a story – any story – to emerge. None ever did. The whole book consists of the main character, Joe Matt, dubbing porn, complaining and urinating in a jar. If I wanted to spend time with someone like that, I wouldn’t read this book. I’d visit my grandfather. At least he has some funny stories.

OUCH! Is this a graphic novel backlash beginning?

§OTOH, “Graphic Novel” is now a legitimate film technique, apparently.

“The visual style is (like) looking at a comic-book page. The full screen of the movie theatre is like a page of a graphic novel that is constantly moving,” said McDonald during an interview last week. He was putting the final touches on the film at the Royal Theatre, on College St., which now doubles as a post-production facility/repertory house. “It’s kind of like Laser Floyd” – the laser shows set to Pink Floyd music – “but with a bit more of a story,” added McDonald,.