If you’re reading this with your morning coffee, it’s because our Internet has been off all night. Thanks, Time-Warner Cable!

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  1. (typed on a sprint sanyo cell phone using a T9 keypad)
    Web2Go, next door to the Village Voice near Cooper Union, offers somewhat affordable service. Kinko’s, late night, is $18 an hour, but like laundromats attracts the unusual aspects of humanity. Many Burger Kings in the City, some open late, have internetterminals.
    Otherwise, grab a book, wait for it to return, and just post a “technical difficulties” shingle so your faithful readership does not worry over your absence.
    and back in the day, we used voicemail journals or vojos, grabbing audio soundbites by recording it with the phone. The best site was the Western Electric Orchestra, where people composed or adapted music using keypad tones. Ah, Ma Bell… where have you gone?

  2. My brother (who runs a data center in Austin, Texas) has noticed some weird things going on with Internet traffic in the last few days. He’s not sure what it means. I also see a report that the world’s most prolific spam generator had its plug pulled a couple of days ago, resulting in a 70 percent drop in spam traffic.

    So, there is weirdness in the Innertubez lately.