Our 300 post yesterday drew plaudits from the Gerard Butler Gals forum, and we have to admit, we haven’t been up as much as we should have been on DDGB news, because we managed to miss this. Our respect for Zack Snyder soars by the minute, as he is not just a fine director, but also sensitive to ethnographic differences.

Scottish actor GERARD BUTLER stripped in public to prove to a Hollywood director that British men can look good topless. The hunky actor performed the impromptu strip to show-off his physique, after DAWN OF THE DEAD director ZACK SNYDER expressed concerns British actors don’t take enough care of their bodies. The striptease secured Butler the lead role in Snyder’s forthcoming Hollywood epic 300, after the director was startled by Butler’s very public audition. Snyder says, “I met Gerard in a coffee shop to talk about the film and within minutes he had taken off his top to prove he had the body to play the lead role in an historical epic. “Although I ended up using a lot of British actors in the film, I was a bit cautious at first because British guys don’t like to get in shape. They like to look good but there seems to be a fear of working out in Britain. “Every time I asked to see their bodies they would look at me and say, ‘What kind of film is this?'”

What kind of film? The kind of film WE WANT TO SEE! Duh.


  1. Wow, that is the sexiest manly torso I have EVER seen.

    Can”t wait to see the man those abs belong to when 300 comes out in March!

    Gerard Butler as King Leonidas is smokin’ HOT!!!!

    THIS IS SPARTA !!!!!!!!!

    Ok, now back to watch the trailer again.

    Carry on…

  2. Thanks Heidi for reporting on Gerard.

    Those abs of Gerry’s are 100% Gerry; no CGI or digital imagery involved. Gerry, as usual, poured 110% of himself into his role and character, which in this case included countless hours in the gym!

  3. Thanks again Heidi for continuing to inform the public about the many gifts and talents of our Dear Gerry. You are doing a public service my dear, as more women are bound to stumble into Gerryland, due to your articles.

    And it is my opinion, that NO woman should be deprived of those abs…. oh, and the thighs…. oh yes, and the back… and the eyes and mouth and hair.

    And don’t forget… he is beautiful on the inside too!


  4. Is that really Gerard Butler’s gorgious body? I know from seeing him topless in “Dracula 2000” that his chest has a bit more hair than that. Anyhow, what I miss in this picture is his cute face and his charming smile. There is no talent in having a beautiful body, ya know! But… what the hell! He is one hell of a man, isn’t he? Certainly nobody I’d say ‘No, thank you!’ to. Can’t wait to see him in “300” and certainly can’t wait until “Beowulf and Grendel” comes out on DVD to buy here in Germany.

    Love and a lot of slobering kisses


  5. All I can say is he is 100% man… and what a man he is!! More and more women are coming to appreciate this beautiful person, not only for his looks and talent but for the beauty of his soul. And after 300, the men are going to know who he is too… Gerry’s stage presence just cannot be denied any longer. 300 is definitely going to be the movie to see. And what a thrill it is for GB fans to see our man up on that silver screen where he belongs.

    Thank you Heidi for keeping him in the public eye where he bleongs!


  6. I agree Gerry is one gorgeous sexy male. He also has a soft spot as in the movie, before he is to die he thinks of his wife his love.

    I loved Gerry in the Phantom of the Opera. He showed his talents for singing. He has a passionate powerful voice and did justice to the material in the Phantom.