Via PR, STARZ and Eagle One Media are making motion comics for Street Fighter and Voltron: Defender of the Universe, which will be broadcast on the Syfy channel and then be available for download via the usual suspects.

Will people actually want to sit around their TV watching motion comics in HD? Hm.

Eagle One Media announced today details of an agreement with Starz Media’s Manga Entertainment to make animated motion comic productions of Street Fighter, based on the CAPCOM video games, and Voltron: Defender of the Universe, based on the worldwide popular anime TV series, available for broadcast and digital download distribution. Both motion comic series will be broadcast on the Syfy Channel over several weeks beginning September 28th during Manga’s popular Ani-Mondays programming block. Following the Syfy broadcasts, the motion comic episodes will then be made available for purchase with Starz Digital Media’s distribution partners by digital download through outlets including: iTunes, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Store.
Animated motion comics utilize the storyline and dialog from existing published comics and with the addition of voice-over, special effects, music, and animation, creates a fast paced video adaptation for the viewer to enjoy through various medium.  Previously, Eagle One Media’s animated motion comics had only been available for purchase on DVD.  Aside from its animated motion comics based on Street Fighter and Voltron: Defender of the Universe, Eagle One Media has also produced such content based on The Terminator and the Micronauts properties.



  1. I’m not going to watch, just because it’s Street Fighter and Voltron. If say, Dave Gibbons, Bendis, or Ellis was working on them, then I’d tell everyone I know that they need to watch. I’d worry that with anything less than our best writers and artists on the job, it’d just come across as really low budget animation (like some of the real late night adult swim stuff) to the non comic fan. I mean, bless them for wanting to try, and maybe they’ll be really great, but will anyone be able to see that when there’s when ADD is the order of the day on every other channel. It could just as easily backfire, and have people thinking that comics are really boring, and then what could we say? Still, if it works, I’ll be more than happy to eat my words.

  2. Someone please explain to me how this is any different from those horrible little stop-motion cartoons in the original “Marvel Super Heroes” series.