In the spirit of superhero fashion shoots, here’s one by Thierry Le Gouès, which includes model Ali Stephens and a guy in a Batman costume, which ran in the magazine, French Revue de Modes.

Thanks to Jim D. for the link.


Meanwhile, the NY Times reports on a superhero-themes line of clothing going on sale at Bloomingdale’s stores around the country.

The fun begins on Wednesday with a “New York Nights” cocktail bash at Bloomingdale’s around the country, including the Men’s Store at the flagship on 59th street and Third Avenue in Manhattan. Be there from 6 to 8 p.m. to whet your whistle and see the merch, which includes everything from t-shirts, socks and scarves to tote bags, wallets, ties and cuff links (thankfully, no leotards). The gear will be available through the holiday season.


  1. Turns out all those years we were all wearing Green Lantern and black-suit Spidey shirts just meant we were way, way ahead of the curve.

  2. If you like shelling out $35 – 45 for something you can pick up for $20 at a comic book shop then go for it. Leave this overpriced shit for the poser wannabees.

    I was laughing at these stupid Star Wars shirts they had in Macy’s the other day.



  3. @cary: unfortunately, one will make you look like a hipster who ironically appreciates superheroes while the other will make you look sorta like a shlub. It’s in the materials they make the fabric out of.

  4. Even if you want to buy what you see models wearing on runways, you’ll have problems, unless you shop at a few exclusive boutiques. The superhero designs will affect mainstream clothing in subtler ways:

    Runway garments are often made of materials so finely sewn or bizarrely presented that they’re more performance art than clothing.

    Boutique stores such as Emphatics in One Oxford Centre and Dress Circle in Shadyside have exclusive rights to the designers’ actual offerings and are way ahead of the fashion curve. For instance, Urban Outfitters and American Apparel are selling harem pants inspired by the fall 2007 show. [. . .]

    The inventive superhero-inspired trends of the runway translate into more neon, metallic, animal prints and singular shoulder drapes on the racks. The short motorcycle jacket makes a comeback along with more creative wet leggings that can be found in metallic at H&M or BCBG Max Azria. Real-deal leather leggings can be found at Dress Circle and those by Tracy Reese at Nordstrom.

    For real superhero or super villain wear, there are Halloween costumes. Here’s GOTHAM GIRLS’ Harley Quinn:

    Harley Quinn

  5. Hey cary,
    Those overpriced Star Wars tees at Macey’s pop up at T.J. Maxx for half the price or less.
    I’ve gotten some cool Yoda, Chewie and Fett tees.
    But they maybe last season style? EEEKKK I’m a loser!!!

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