Chris Roberson, co-founder of the digital publisher Monkeybrain Comics, has put out an open letter today explaining that for the whole of November, all profits made by the company will be donated directly to The Hero Initative. Along with Allison Baker, Roberson set up the company earlier this year as a way to put out creator-owned projects by creators like Paul Tobin, Colleen Coover, Joshua Williamson and Kurt Busiek. The company have always made clear that their main priority is on celebrating and protecting creators, and this new initiative seems like a perfect continuation of that ideal, in my eyes.

So! I suppose now the burden is on us. The people at Monkeybrain have offered us a chance to swap comics for donations, so could there be a better time to do so? You can, of course, always make a direct donation to The Hero Initiative if you like, but otherwise – Monkeybrain time!


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