Last night, a bunch of spam comments made it through the filter (which is really acting up lately — anyone have a clue why?) We were sad to delete them, because the p*n*s-enlarging crowd just loves The Beat!

“Congratulations on finally setting up your site. I am sure the website will become a internet legend!”

“Wonderful web site, was very useful. Lovely touch having this guestbook. Thanks”

“Recommend this site for great pleasure.”

“The stuff on this web site is really witty and cool wise”

“Hello, a really interesting experience to visit your website. For sure i will come back soon. greets to all !”

Finally, this spammer REALLY TOOK THE TIME to write our his/her thoughts, and we really appreciate it!

“Your site is a refreshing change from the majority of sites I have visited. When I first started visiting web sites I was excited by the potential of the internet as a resource and was very disappointed initially. You have restored my enthusiasm and I thank you for your efforts to share your insights and help the world become a better place.”


  1. The new mode of comment spam seems to be to set up blogs, then write posts like these that link-back (or “ping”) a real blog’s post. That makes them appear as comments on WordPress blogs, and seems to be an effective way to get past Akismet and other filters. Bastards. I’ve been getting hit hard lately too.

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