Last year’s SUNDAYS anthology was one of the biggest hits of MoCCA, and they’re back:

Announcing the Sundays 2 anthology. By the folks that brought you last year’s Sundays anthology. With 60-plus B + W pages, measuring at 13” X 11” with silk-screened covers, Sundays 2 will surely delight readers of comics from all walks of life. The book will debut at the MoCCA Festival and will be available on the 7th floor in the skylight ballroom(Table # S-53). Sundays 2 will also be available at HeroesCon later in the month. With every purchase, buyers will get a free silk-screened bag to carry Sundays and other fine purchases at the shows.

The line up for this years book features mostly just graduated students of the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont.  Contributors are Bryan Stone(Frog Herder), Sean Ford(Only Skin), Chuck Forsman(Snake Oil), Alex Kim(Wall City), Joe Lambert(Best American Comics 2008), Jeff Lok(Pockmarked Apocalypse), JP Coovert(One Percent Press), Denis St. John(Monsters and Girls), Dane Martin(Kin’s Folly), Sam Gaskin(Fatal Faux-Pas), Alexis Frederick-Frost(La Primavera), Ken Dahl(Welcome to the Dahl-House), and Cat Garza(Secrets and Lies).

Please go to www.sundaysanthology.com for more previews and updates.