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Lifemeter 2:

Debuting at the MoCCA Art Fest in NYC on June 23rd…Life Meter Volume 2

Following the success of last year’s mini-comic that sold out by the second day of the MoCCA Art Festival, this new collection will feature over 100 pages of videogame-inspired comic strips and cartoon art from an impressive range of comic artists and animators. This graphic novel-length anthology includes an 11-page MEGA MAN story by Matt Loux, the Harvey Award-nominated creator of Side Scrollers from Oni Press; a shoujo manga take on The LEGEND OF ZELDA by TokyoPop artist Queenie Chan (The Dreaming); and a gorgeous cover inspired by the cult favorite game NIGHTS INTO DREAMS by Flight artist, Bannister.

Nbvol1-CoverTyler Page and Nothing Better Volume 1

“College is the best time of your life – or is it? Jane has left home for the first time to attend a small Lutheran college expecting to make friends and lasting memories until she finds out her roommate is her complete opposite in almost every way. Katt means well, but her views on partying, boys, and even religion begin to drive Jane crazy.

The two girls struggle to find their place not only as roommates, but as individuals trying to construct their adult conception of relationships, education, religion, sex, secrets, family, home and ultimately, of themselves. In their first few months at St. Urho College it quickly becomes apparent to both Jane and Katt that there’s more to college than just going to class.

This might just be the best time of their lives, even if they don’t realize it yet.”

Nothing Better Volume 1 is one of the Spring 2007 Xeric Winners and collects Chapters 1-7 of the webcomic.

There is one tiny hitch in all this: the printer messed up – they printed all of the interior pages at a lower resolution than normal. The book is still readable, but if you look close, the lines look fuzzy. This is a reputable printer that prints many of the comics in North America, so I’m working with them to figure out what they did wrong and have them reprint the book.

Unfortunatley, I can’t wait on the reprints for the MoCCA Art Fest this weekend. This show is supposed to be Volume 1’s premiere, so I’ll be selling the defective copies at either a discount, or at full price with a coupon you can send in to get the reprinted books once they’re done. That way everybody wins!


200706200154Craig Yoe

I will be at MoCCA Art Festival at the Puck Building in NYC this Saturday and Sunday. I will be sharing a table with cartoonists Denis and Alexa Kitchen, likely being dwarfed by their immense talent, but what the heck, on the other hand maybe I’ll benefit by the “halo effect”.
I AM excited to announce that I am publishing this week the first “Limited Edition Arf”. There will be only 100 copies printed (as opposed to the usual 4-5000 print run of the other Arf books. This Arf book will not be available in stores or through any mail-order or on-line retailers. Most of the copies will be given as a thank you people who contribute material for the Arf books or blog (so let me know what ‘cha GOT!)

Check link for contents. You’d better ray you are pals with Craig to get a copy of this puppy!

This weekend is the MoCCA comic book thing. Meathaus will be there as always. “Angry”Jim Cambell brings you his brand new issue of Krachmacher (#3), and Celia Bullwinkel thrusts upon you hand-made Mr. Porkroast dolls based on Jim’s meat-friend featured in many of his comics.

Shinybeast-Small KING HELL PRESS will be debuting SHINY BEASTS, Rick Veitch’s just-off-the-boat collection of fully painted EPIC short stories. With glorious remastered color and top end production values, the much anticipated companion volume to last year’s successful ABRAXAS AND THE EARTHMAN boasts collaborations with both Alan Moore and Steve Bissette and features a fold out version of Veitch’s well regarded SHIPMATES.

Rick Veitch will be on hand all weekend to sign SHINY BEASTS and any copies of ARMY@LOVE fans of his new Vertigo series want to bring along. It’s the perfect opportunity to fill any holes in a KING HELL collection by scoring a signed copy of such Veitch essentials as ABRAXAS AND THE EARTHMAN, BRAT PACK, THE MAXIMORTAL, THE ONE, RABID EYE, POCKET UNIVERSE and CRYPTO ZOO.



You’ve heard about it online, now come see it in print! The controversial Comic Foundry Magazine will have a table upstairs stocked with previews of the our debut print edition hitting stands this Fall. The preview will feature stories from the launch issue, as well as content exclusive to the Art Fest.

Ad Cover 1Tom Kurzanski (, Diana Nock (, and David Hopkins ( will share a booth at MoCCA. Tom and David are there to promote the release of Karma Incorporated TPBs, Vol. 1 and 2 for this Fall. They’ll also have plenty of copies of their Antigone adaptation to sell. In addition, David has a preview of his graphic novel Astronaut Dad, which also comes out in October. Diana and David will have a sneak preview of their graphic novel Bolivar available.

I am not on the MoCCA programming schedule, but I along with Masheka Wood and Mikaela Reid are taking over a table for Devin Quin who had other obliations.

I will be selling my miniartbook Little Garden along with my comic book 80gun and various assorted minicomics, including a new short promo Little Garden comic.

Little Garden is my daily, nonsequential, nonhumor slice-of-life cartoon panel featuring vignettes from the lives of a group of friendly forest-dwelling monsterpeople. While not “comics” in the McCloudian sense, the sum of the individual cartoons eventually builds into a broader picture of a world unlike our own and yet somehow familiar.

A#5ExclusiveADRENALINE #5 – Convention Exclusives

After losing distribution to retailers, A Wave Blue World made the decision to stop printing individual issues of its series ADRENALINE. Instead, they opted to post the remaining four issues online and then collect the entire series into a trade paperback. This plan remains intact, but with one exception. The publisher has printed two hundred copies of ADRENALINE #5 for the two conventions it will be attending this summer. One hundred copies will display the MoCCA Art Festival logo and the other hundred will have the San Diego Comic-Con logo. Both versions will be hand-numbered to 100.

“Having to end the print run of the individual issues was certainly a tough decision. On top of that, we had tables at two of the best show this summer. I couldn’t show up without the new issue, not with it finished and looking like our best issue yet,” says Tyler Chin-Tanner, founder of A Wave Blue World and creator/writer of ADRENALINE. “Many readers have expressed their desire to be able to own the printed issues. I couldn’t disappoint them.”

Plans for the remaining three issues are still up in the air. The options being considered are: creating a similar short print run, going with a print-on-demand system, or sticking exclusively to online issues. The one definite plan, however, is to collect the series into a trade paperback.

“We’re very much looking forward to the trade,” says Wendy Chin-Tanner, editor-in-chief. “The story really comes together at the end. We feel that ADRENALINE’s strength is as a complete volume.”

For more information, or to obtain a copy of ADRENALINE #5, please contact Tyler Chin-Tanner at [email protected].